A Web 2.0 Approach for Oracle Development

TURBOEnterprise was born from two philosophies...

First, we learned early that software languages come and go. In the early 90's, client-server applications ruled. Then along came the internet and brought us the basic html of Web 1.0. As we neared the end of the 90's, new software languages were coming out much faster. As we entered the mid-2000's, the dawn of the Web 2.0 era, software languages were coming out at such a rapid pace, that Enterprise IT developers just couldn't keep up. They have their responsibilities of building, knowing, and supporting corporate data jobs that often exceed 40 hours a week. These same Enterprise IT developers also want to have the great features of Web 2.0 available in their enterprise systems, but they just don't have the time keep learning software languages.

They say the only constant is change...and in the world of software languages, that has been proven. However, there has been one constant during this entire evolution of software languages...most enterprise systems connect to an Oracle database.

This is where TURBOEnterprise fits in. TURBOEnterprise takes on the task of providing the Web 2.0 Rich Web features, AJAX and Flash, so you can use them without having to learn them. You get to take all your current Oracle PL/SQL and Database skills and leverage the power of Web 2.0 using the TURBOKit library of APIs to create Rich Web Applications for your Enterprise.

Second, we noticed an interesting trend regarding the database. Many organizations had spent millions of dollars purchasing database software and hardware but were reluctant to use many of the features. It has been said that most organizations only use about 10% of the features of the Oracle database. We see many IT shops bend over backwards to be database independent (yet a majority of enterprise systems connect to an Oracle database). To support this database independence, data handling and processing logic gets painstakingly recreated (repeatedly) in the middle-tier by large middle-tier development teams. There is no need for this. You already have the most powerful and feature rich database, so let's start taking advantage of it. It takes very little extra processing to render the web page at the same time the data is retrieved.

TURBOEnterprise handles the intricacies of the application rendering allowing you to do application development and database development in one location, maximizing your existing Oracle investment!

Find out how this cost-effective, easy to use solution can speed up your Rich Web Apps development.