Forms Conversion

Since Oracle discontinued support of all versions of Forms from 6i and earlier, the risk of running your production Forms applications is high. You can now efficiently migrate your unsupported client/server Oracle Forms applications to TURBO's advanced Web-based PL/SQL environment, while minimizing the risks to your organization. This utility is the best and most cost effective way to leverage your existing Oracle database, infrastructure, staff, and resources to convert and modernize Forms applications. Converting your Forms does not require additional license costs for an application server because TURBOEnterprise runs within the Oracle database and eliminates the middle-tier.

Simply convert your forms to XML, upload them to TURBOEnterprise, and add them to your applications. Watch our video 'Oracle Forms Conversion' and read our documentation to see how.

After you have converted your Forms applications, you can enhance it with features from the TURBOKit, add additional security according to your business needs, tighten your layout, and jazz up your presentation to give users a fully-functional, supported, PL/SQL Web-based application with all the integrity and usability of your original Oracle Forms application.