TURBOEnterprise was built with simplicity in mind without compromising security, scalability or performance. The simple Thick Database architecture only needs Oracle Apache as a gateway and requires no browser plug-in on the client side.


FAQ about the TURBOEnterprise Architecture

Where does TURBOEnterprise run?

Inside your Oracle database - Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g, Oracle XE

Which Operating System?

All the same OS environments that you run your Oracle database - Unix, Windows, Linux, etc

What language does it use?

PL/SQL - Plain and simple. No need to make things complicated just to get the best of Web 2.0. TURBOEnterprise provides all the AJAX and Flash features accessible through API calls using PL/SQL.

Does it use Java?

TURBOEnterprise is written in PL/SQL, but Oracle does support JAVA Stored Procedures. So you can bring your own JAVA, if needed.

But if everything is inside the database, how does it support MVC?

Model-View-Controller is the disciplined design pattern that separates application code from the data. TURBOEnterprise has a patent-pending architecure which adheres to MVC so you get everything in one place, with proper separation.

If everything is in the database, how does it render in the browser?

TURBOEnterprise has a complete libaray of all the latest HTML 4.0/XHTML 1.0. The TURBOKit APIs utilize this complete web library to render web pages (with your enterprise data) to provide a rich web experience for your end-users.

Is this like Oracle's free APEX?

The only thing in common is that both run inside the Oracle database. The similarities end there. APEX is a great, MS Access-like tool designed for non-developers to create simple departmental applications, like web-enabling a spreadsheet for basic data entry and reports. TURBOEnterprise is engineered to build enterprise-class Rich Web Applications. It doesn't matter how complex or sophisticated your application needs to be, TURBOEnterprise can handle it. See our Benefits section for more information on how TURBOEnterprise will help you.