Factory Tour

TURBOEnterprise was built on the top performing database using open standards and technologies that adhere to the demanding needs of the enterprise.

Ajax and Oracle
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is the leading standard for RWA development
  • AJAX apps allow for desktop look and feel on a browser with no plug ins
  • AJAX apps are instantaneous, dynamic with no 'click and wait'
  • Oracle is the top performing DB
  • AJAX and Oracle together offers the strongest back end data processing combined with rich UI rendering to create secure and productive RWA for the enterprise
Thick Database
  • Entire application, including logic and UI, is served from the DB without middle tier processing
  • Faster business rules processing within the DB using PL/SQL
  • Eliminates multiple round trips to the DB reducing overhead and bandwidth requirements
  • Application deployment and maintenance is easier and cheaper without old-school middle tier
  • Scales easily with Oracle RAC
  • Less coding as compared to Java or .Net
Virtual N-tier
  • Patent-pending technology that replicates traditional n-tier structure inside the DB
  • Built-in security and field level access control
  • Adheres to MVC model
  • Components for UI rendering
  • Contains business logic
  • Optimized for Oracle performance