Benefits for End Users

End Users should not have to give up rich features when switching from web apps such as Google Docs or Yahoo mail over to the enterprise web applications. TURBOEnterprise delivers Web 2.0 rich features within a web browser to give end users a dynamic experience when entering forms, manipulating and visualizing data.

  • Get rich functionality in enterprise applications that you've come to expect from consumer Web 2.0 sites
  • Applications are instantaneous and more 'click and wait'
  • Harness the collective intelligence by the sharing and collaboration of data
  • Application pages change dynamically as you interact; no clicking 'submit' or 'NEXT page' just to get to the next step
  • Manipulate data on screen by filtering, dragging and dropping
  • Browser-based so no software to install on your PC
  • No plug-ins required for your browser
  • Interactive charts, graphs and spreadsheet-style grids to present your data
  • Applications are intuitive with minimal training