Benefits for Managers

Programming languages are constantly changing but the mainstay database for large enterprises has always been Oracle. TURBOEnterprise is a platform that is built by Oracle experts to get the most out of the investment in the mainstay database while adding plug and play features to the ever changing UI technologies. The database encapsulated framework not only speeds delivery but provides significant cost savings over the traditional n-tier architecture and increases the ROI on your current Oracle investment.

  • Deliver RWA applications with lower cost and faster timeline
  • Utilize current Oracle resources-no new skills required
  • Cut infrastructure costs like middleware, access control software and connection pooling configuration
  • Smaller development team than Java or .Net
  • Suitable for team coding and CMMI process compliance
  • Faster and cheaper deployment and maintenance with no middleware
  • All browser based so no installs, plug-ins or upgrades to push out
  • Get the most return from your existing Oracle investment
  • Lower training cost since Rich Web Apps are intuitive