An Efficient, No Compromise Approach to Web 2.0 Development

TURBOEnterprise offers a full-featured approach to Oracle development without the high cost of having to add extra software/hardware to your current setup.

For Developers, TURBOEnterprise offers an environment in which you can quickly create Rich Web Applications using the Oracle PL/SQL skills you already have. If you don't know PL/SQL, it is one of the simplest languages to learn and the most powerful way to interact with your data in the Oracle database.

For Managers, TURBOEnterprise allows you to provide more for your customers with fewer resources. TURBOEnterprise runs inside your existing Oracle database, so you already have all the hardware, OS, and database ready to go. Plus, because it is so easy for your Oracle developers to produce a beautiful application, you can reduce your development team by eliminating the old-school middle-tier app dev team.

For End Users, TURBOEnterprise gives you what you've come to expect from other consumer web sites, but for the Enterprise Web 2.0 functionality, great looks, intuitive design, minimal training, etc You get all those features when you surf the web at home. Now you can have it at work too.

For Partners, TURBOEnterprise allows you to enhance your reseller offering and make your stamp as a leader in Enterprise Web 2.0.

Try TURBOEnterprise risk free today and see if it isn't the best, all around solution for your development team!