The Right Tools For The Job

Whether you're building a house or Rich Web Applications, you'll do a better job by using the right tools.

TURBOKit is a development library for building RWAs using Oracle PL/SQL to call predefined AJAX enabled objects. Developers can browse the library of features available in TURBOEnterprise, such as AJAX-enabled form features, interactive Fusion Charts, customizable data grids, and much more.

In addition, the TURBOKit allows developers to view the source code to see how easy it is to create the same type of features for their own applications.

Here are just a few features included in TURBOKit:

  • Instantly generate Web UI with look and feel of a desktop application
  • Interactive reporting and data entry grids
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Integrated Fusion Charts and Graphs
  • Auto-complete features
  • Minimal training on applications developed for end-users
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Real time on-page user interaction
  • Drag and drop features

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