Build Beautiful Rich Web Applications

TURBOEnterprise is an enterprise application development platform for creating Rich Web Applications (RWA) right out of your Oracle database. Developing RWA using TURBOEnterprise is easy since it uses declarative PL/SQL to call HTML 5, JSON, Ajax and Flash enabled objects. You can leverage your PL/SQL skills to manipulate data for faster performance and still deliver Web 2.0 dynamic UI features without having to learn Ajax or Flash coding.

Here's a sample of TURBOEnterprise's Feature List:

  • Contains AJAX already stored in PL/SQL
  • AJAX calls from browser to database are authenticated
  • Just use PL/SQL to call the TURBOKit APIs to build RWA components
  • Build Enterprise-class RWA applications right out of the database using the skills you already have
  • Leverages Oracle features for scalability and performance
  • Flexible and open standard for customization and third party tool integration
  • Get AJAX without AJAX coding
  • Leverage your existing Oracle investment for higher returns

TURBOEnterprise was designed as a low-cost, yet powerful, alternative solution for Oracle Web 2.0 developers, managers and end users. Using a Web 2.0, browser based environment, we've created a platform that allows you to deliver applications that are both intuitive and feature-rich.

If you're a manager, Oracle developer or end user, then TURBOEnterprise is a product you need to consider. Its Web 2.0 interface provides ease of use and tremendous cost savings, and the full-featured environment ensures that your Oracle development is always ahead of the curve.

Try out TURBOEnterprise for FREE today, and see what a difference it will make!